Transform social media into
stunning brand stories

Social media has become integral
to a brand's reputation.

You’re meticulous in crafting your brand’s image. Why accept less when integrating social into your communication? Socius is a platform to easily collect, curate and display the best content shared across social media into an engaging branded hub.

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Brand Solutions

Web Social Hub

Owned and earned media are united into a coherent and accessible brand story in our beautiful Web Social Hub. 92% of consumers trust a recommendation over all other forms of advertising. Start benefiting from your ambassadors' passion!

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Live Social Wall

Bring your social hub into event and retail space, providing direct interaction for guests. The display is optimized for venue size and animates the latest content, encouraging participation.

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Top 3 Benefits

01 Brand Awareness

Unite social content across platform
into one accessible place.

02 Customer Engagement

Keep users browsing longer and
sharing more.

03 Trust & Loyalty

Give a voice to your ambassadors
to tell your story.

All benefits


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